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What Is Causing My Engine Knocking?

When you properly take care of your vehicle and its engine, it should run with minimal noise. On the other hand, engine sounds or knocking (a common term to describe the noise) can mean your vehicle’s motor is headed for disaster. Knocking is one of the first signs that you can detect to avoid further engine damage. Here is what your engine knocking may mean: 

Wrong Octane-Level Gas

You may notice the engine knocking when you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. Every car has a specific octane level of gas that it should burn. If your automaker recommends premium fuel, please do not fill up with regular. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to gasoline octane levels.

Poor Timing

Engine timing also plays a pivotal role in overall engine performance. Your vehicle’s onboard computer controls when each spark plug should fire. If the sequence of events is off, it can cause your engine to knock. Engine knocking can also occur when the spark plugs are worn. 

Imbalanced Air to Fuel Mixture

Air and fuel are what get burned in the engine cylinders. If there’s too much air and too little gasoline, your engine will run lean. That means that your engine will detonate too many times. Whereas, too rich of fuel and too little air can cause your vehicle to stall.

Bad Rod Bearings

A broken rod can go from engine knocking to engine failure quickly. Rod bearings aren’t a typical problem for someone to have unless their engine is really out of date. The knocking can be caused by the pistons striking the crankshaft. You should have your engine repaired or rebuilt in some cases. 

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