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What Happens During a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Do you finally have your eye on a car but are having doubts because it is second-hand. Get yourself a pre-purchase inspection to ease your worries.

What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a thorough evaluation by a certified person to ascertain the aesthetic, technical, and safety condition of the vehicle before finalizing the purchase. A trained mechanic or automotive expert who is familiar with the brand and model of the vehicle performs the majority of checks. The purpose of the PPI is to identify current problems or maintenance issues that might later cause financial or safety concerns for the buyer.

When Do You Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Some of the things you should consider before getting a pre-purchase inspection include whether the car is;

• Owned by a certified person and has warranty

• Being sold locally

• The car has valid insurance

After buying the car, any issues you experience are on your budget. Therefore, it's critical to identify these problems before signing a purchase deal.

Things to Look for During a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before placing your money on the table, here are a few things to consider;

Paint and Scratches

You should inspect the car's paint and whether it has scratches. Because if the vehicle has dents or blemishes, it will look hideous and you won't enjoy driving in it.

Clutch, Accelerator, and Brakes

Remember to inspect the brakes, clutch, and accelerator of every secondhand automobile you purchase from a private seller.


Driving with faulty or broken light is a potential accident waiting to happen. You will struggle to see the road especially at night and opting to fix them yourself is not a cheap affair either.


If the tires are worn out, you may experience frequent punctures. The quality of the tyres also matter because cheaper brands tend to wear out quicker and blow out.

Previous Service Records for the Vehicle

You should inquire about the car's maintenance history to avoid any future unpleasant surprises.

Legal Documents

You won't be able to drive the automobile on the road without legal documentation since they are a necessity.

Pre Purchase Inspections in Alexandria, VA

Do not be scared of buying a pre-used car if it is within your budget. Simply contact Yates Automotive for a professional pre-purchase inspection and drive home happy.

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