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Top Tips for Car Rust Prevention

Sure, it can be quite ugly! However, car rust greatly affects more than your vehicle's appeal. Besides eating away and destroying the structure, it can eventually creep into the engine bay and cause performance problems. Moisture is one of the most common causes of vehicle rust, mostly from continued exposure to precipitation and snow. Your vehicle can also get rusty if it is not properly maintained, covered, and due to old age. Prevention is everything. If you ignore the rust and allow it to settle in, it might become a nightmare, impossible to eliminate. Here are some top tips for vehicle owners who want to keep their vehicles rust-free:

Wash and Wax

Too much dust and dirt can translate to a quick accumulation of rust. Therefore, you must wash your vehicle at least once weekly, regardless of the season. Wax it with top-quality wax every four months to protect it from contaminants. Contaminants stick on the vehicle's surface, causing openings in the car paint and allowing in moisture.

Ceramic Painting

Here is a cost-efficient and more powerful alternative to waxing to prevent exterior damage. It is generally applied to car paint and will never break down, even under the harshest conditions. Unlike wax which must be reapplied every four months, ceramic painting can last up to three years or even longer in mild conditions.

Protect Your Vehicle Against Road Salt

Salt is among the largest rust contributors. When mixed with water, it can lead to increased metal corrosion. This explains why cases of rust are much more common in winter when the roads in some regions have plenty of rock salt. Besides washing your car regularly, you should also have its underneath oiled with the right lubricant. It will create a barrier between the car's surface and the moisture.

Use an Anti-Rust Spray

Be sure to treat any sign of rust immediately before it spreads. First, clean the area thoroughly and leave it to dry. Confirm that the site is completely moisture free before applying an anti-rust spray. The anti-rust spray can effectively protect your vehicle for up to a year. It is a great alternative for car owners who cannot afford ceramic coating or regular waxing.

Your vehicle is prone to rust. If not timely noticed and handled, the rust might grow before you realize it. Besides the above tips, inspect your car for rust regularly and have it repaired before it is too late. If you need vehicle service, including auto detailing or waxing service, give Yates Automotive in Alexandria, VA a call or visit today!

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