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Seasonal Car Care - Everything You Need To Know

Seasonal Car Care - Everything You Need To Know | Yates Automotive

As the seasons change, so does the landscape outside your window—and the demands on your trusty vehicle. Your car is not just a mode of transport; it's a companion that braves the elements with you. To ensure it remains your reliable partner through every weather twist, let's go on a journey through seasonal car care, discovering the essentials to keep your ride in peak condition.

1. Spring Renewal

As the world blossoms into a riot of colors, your car emerges from winter's hibernation. Spring brings new beginnings, and your vehicle deserves a fresh start too. Begin with a thorough exterior wash to bid farewell to the remnants of road salt and winter grime. Check the tire pressure, as fluctuating temperatures can play tricks on them. A rejuvenating wax can add a protective layer, shielding your car's paint from the upcoming sun.

2. Summer Vigilance

Summer's heat can be relentless, testing your car's resilience. Start with a coolant check to ensure your engine stays cool under pressure. Examine the air conditioning system; after all, you don't want sweltering drives in the scorching heat. Inspect and rotate your tires, as hot pavements can be tough on them. And of course, keep an eye on your battery—high temperatures can accelerate its wear and tear.

3. Autumn Prep

As leaves carpet the roads, it's time to prepare for the chill that follows. Begin with a thorough inspection of your vehicle's heating system. Check your brakes—autumn's wet leaves can make roads slippery. Ensure your lights are in working order, as days grow shorter. Don't forget to replace windshield wipers; autumn rains demand optimal visibility.

4. Winter Resilience

Winter is the ultimate test for your car's mettle. Prioritize a battery check, as cold temperatures can be harsh on it. Switch to winter tires for enhanced traction on icy roads. Keep an eye on your antifreeze levels, ensuring your engine stays protected against freezing temperatures. Stock your car with emergency supplies—an empathetic gesture towards yourself and your vehicle during winter's unpredictable moments.

5. Year-Round Essentials

While each season has its focal points, consistent year-round care is the key to your car's longevity. Regular oil changes, brake inspections, and air filter replacements should be part of your routine. Pay attention to unusual sounds, vibrations, or warning lights, addressing them promptly to prevent minor issues from snowballing into major problems.

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