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Maintaining Your Car During Stay-at-Home

Maintaining Your Car During CoronavirusWith the current stay-at-home orders, our customers' cars may be sitting in driveways and garages for days or weeks at a time. In order to keep your car in good shape, it's important to start your car at least once a week and keep up with routine car care to help prevent potential maintenance issues.

When starting your car weekly, let it run for at least five minutes. (If you car is in a garage, be sure to open the door first.) Alternatively, taking your car for a short drive can also help with other maintenance issues:

Battery – Today’s vehicles have several computers that are always in operation, so if a car sits too long without recharging, the battery could die within a couple of weeks. 

Tires – Checking the tire pressure frequently is more important if the car is parked for long periods of time. Vehicles that sit idle too long can develop flat spots, so taking a brief drive every once in a while will help prevent bald spots. 

Fuel – Keeping a full tank of gas helps limit gas-tank condensation. 

Oil – If a car sits too long, the oil can deteriorate, so continue to change the oil at the proper time intervals, even if you are not driving your normal mileage.

While you're out, stop by Yates Automotive and our complimentary full-service attendant will be happy to check your battery, air pressure, oil and fill up your tank without you having to leave your car!

Brakes – If a car sits idle, rust can start to form on the brake rotors, especially if the car is parked outside. Driving your car at least once a week will help prevent rust buildup. If you were due for a brake replacement before the stay-at-home orders, now is the time to get this work done with our 20% off offer!

Cleaning – Removing the grime and sediment that builds up on the outside of your car helps prevent rust, and cleaning the interior is important, too. Wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel, cup holders, door handles, vents and console with a quality, all-purpose automotive cleaner that will help disinfect the interior areas of your vehicle. Better yet, let us do it for you - make an appointment today for a detailing service!

Be sure to also take advantage of our Complimentary White Glove Vehicle Pickup & Delivery Service! We will provide free local pickup and delivery of customers’ vehicles that require repair, maintenance and detailing services. If you would like to schedule a pickup service, please give us a call at (703) 215-3434.


Source: Car Care Council

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