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5 Benefits Of Installing A Remote Start System In Your Car

5 Benefits Of Installing A Remote Start System In Your Car | Yates Automotive


You're bundled up in your warmest coat, bracing against the bitter chill as you walk towards your car. Now imagine instead, with a simple press of a button from the comfort of your home, your vehicle purrs to life, warming up and defrosting the windows while you finish your morning coffee. This isn't just wishful thinking—it's one of the many benefits that a remote start system can bring into your life.

1. Comfort and Convenience at Your Fingertips

The most immediate benefit of a remote start system is the luxury of stepping into a perfectly warmed or cooled vehicle, no matter what Mother Nature is dishing out. On sweltering summer days, the air conditioning can cool down your car before you buckle in, while on chilly mornings, the heater can make sure a cozy interior and clear windows greet you. This convenience isn't just about comfort; it also means less time scraping ice or enduring uncomfortable temperatures as your car adjusts.

2. Healthier Engine, Happier Wallet

A well-maintained engine is an efficient engine. By allowing it to warm up before driving, particularly during cold weather, you are gently coaxing it into optimal performance, which can extend its lifespan. By reaching its ideal operating temperature before setting off, fuel consumption improves along with emission levels—saving money on gas and sparing the environment, too.

3. Enhanced Safety

Imagine never having to enter a dark parking lot alone to start your car late at night again. 

With a remote start system, you can ignite the engine and activate the lights from afar—making it safer for you when approaching your vehicle in dimly lit conditions. By defrosting windows before hitting the road, visibility is significantly improved, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by obstructed views.

4. Boost Your Vehicle's Resale Value

Installing a quality remote start system not only brings immediate benefits but also enhances your car's appeal should you decide to sell it down the line. Potential buyers will see this feature as an attractive add-on—a sign that this vehicle has been equipped with modern comforts and conveniences, which could lead to a higher resale value.

5. Guard Against Theft with Advanced Security Features

Modern remote start systems are designed with security in mind; they often come integrated with alarms or immobilizers that prevent theft even if someone manages to break in when the engine is running remotely—the vehicle won't move without the key fob present inside it.

These systems may seem like an indulgence at first glance, but they offer practical advantages that go beyond mere luxury. If you want to get your vehicle equipped with one, make sure to contact us at Yates Automotive, and we will get you in the shop ASAP!


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