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We spend a lot of time in our cars here in the Alexandria and DC-area. Why not make that time as enjoyable as possible with a deep cleaning auto detail service! You will be amazed at the transformation. It’s not only nice to slip into an amazingly clean car, but car detailing has some practical benefits as well. A detail service can help preserve your car’s paint condition, maintain an immaculate interior, and preserve your vehicle's value.

Auto Detailing in Alexandria, VA | Yates Automotive

We have many different car detailing services to meet your needs and budget – from complete car detail, exterior detail, interior detail, to hand wax, upholstery cleaning, headlight restoration and more. Although walk-in appointments are welcome, scheduling appointments for these services is recommended. Prices may also vary based on size and condition of vehicle. Descriptions and prices of our various detailing services can be found below. Please stop by, call us, or make an appointment onlineBe sure to add a complimentary 10-Point Inspection to your detail! When making an appointment online, select "Free 10-Point Inspection" under "Inspection."

Purchasing a Detail as a Gift?

You can make an appointment for and pay for the detail by clicking on the "Book Now" button below (don't worry, the recipient can easily reschedule) OR you can stop by and purchase a Gift Card!

Purchase a Detail Package and Save!

Purchase three Yates Signature Details and save 10%. Purchase six and save 15% - that's nearly $270 in savings! Stop by or give us a call today about purchasing a Detail Package.

Ceramic Coating

Love the look of your shiny new car and want to keep it that way? Want to get your car back to its like-new condition? A ceramic coating service can help your car looking like it just came off the showroom floor and protect it from environmental contaminant and harmful UV rays. Learn more about our ceramic coating service.

Yates Signature Detail

Yates Signature Detail | Yates Automotive

Includes complete hand wash, clay bar procedure, wheels and tires treatment, interior vacuum, shampoo carpets, clean door panels and jambs, interior and exterior window cleaning, polish and clear coat wax and vinyl and leather treatment.

$249+ Car | $299+ SUV or Truck

Exterior Detail

Exterior Detail | Yates Automotive

Includes complete hand wash, vacuum interior, clean and wipe down dash and consoles, interior and exterior windows, wheels and tires treatment and polish and clear coat wax.

$189+ Car | $239+ SUV or Truck

Interior Detail

Interior Detail | Yates Automotive

Includes complete hand wash, vacuum interior, shampoo carpets, clean and wipe down dash and consoles as-needed, interior and exterior windows, clean door panels and jambs and condition upholstery as-needed.

$149+ Car | $189+ SUV or Truck

Dirty Dog Detail

Dirty Dog Detail | Yates Automotive

De-dogify your car with a complete hand wash, vacuum interior, shampoo carpets, clean and wipe down dash and consoles as-needed, interior and exterior windows, clean door panels and jambs and condition upholstery as-needed. Includes a complimentary Dog Dish menu item from Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap for your dog!

$189+ Car | $239+ SUV or Truck

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Restore your vehicle’s true brilliance with a paint correction. Includes a thorough exterior cleaning, 3-step compound-polish and clear coat wax. This service can take up to 6 hours to complete and may require leaving your vehicle overnight.

$249+ Car | $299+ SUV or Truck

Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment

Remove and neutralize car odors (smoke, pet, food, gas, etc.) germs and viruses. Ozone treatments are recommended as an add-on service - ozone treatment does not remove the cause of the smell but rather kills any organic matter possibly causing the odor. This service may require leaving your vehicle with us for up to 24 hours.


Hand Wax

Hand Wax | Yates Automotive

Includes complete hand wash, one-step hand wax, and wheel and tire treatments.

$129+ Car | $179+ SUV or Truck

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning | Yates Automotive

Includes complete hand wash and shampoo and deep cleaning of cloth seats or clean and condition leather seats.

$99+ Car | $149+ SUV or Truck

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration | Yates Automotive

We can restore headlights that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation and other environmental factors, leaving light output and your ability to see at night significantly reduced.

$99 per headlight

Hand Wash & Vacuum

Hand Wash & Vacuum | Yates Automotive

Just looking for a quick, good clean? Let us hand wash and vacuum the interior of your car!


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